Directed by: Andrzej Kostenko, Karl Martine
Actors: Carl Amery, Claudia Fielers, Robert Furch, Roswitha Geuther, Roman Polanski
Language: English
Country: West Germany

Also known as: Sweet Saviour, Frenetic Party, Le messie du mal, Confessions of a Blue Movive Star

Description: Review: Frankly I do not quite understand where it came from this name, because the film does not explore the snuff, and erotica. No doubt there are interesting comments and the scene, but the feeling that you have deceived only intensified under the final film where attention is the murder scene of «The Last House on the Left» Craven, perhaps even from its initial version, but to compare the mood I had no was then followed by advertising graydhausnyh projects Raphael Nussbaum – «Pets» and «female company.” Apparently it was considered a transitional stage, if not a breakthrough in snuff films. Totally confused and frustrated, I still watched the tape, that I can not advise anyone to watch, except for fans of documentary erotica or graydhausa (with a disclaimer that you can only watch it at your own risk.)

Carl Amery, Claudia Fielers, Roswitha Geuther, 1970s, documentary
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