Directed by: John D. Lamond
Stars: Sandy Gore, Michael Cole, Robyn Bartly and Brigitta Almsron
Language: English
Country: Australia

Also known as: The ABC of Love and Sex

Description: This is a cheerful film about humping and humping and maybe some more humping — essentially, a photographed Australian version of that “Joy of Sex” book from the ’70s that was so popular with hippies and your parents. As such, there’s a smattering of “educational” context, mostly in the film’s alphabetized structure and in the smirking “scholarly” narration. This, of course, is all a pretext for getting some Aussies good ‘n’ nekkid. You’ll learn more than you ever needed to know about how Australians get it on. Of course, there’s the traditional stuff, the stuff you and I know about. But this film, in the interest of education, entertainment and general classy perversion, also touches on a few things you might not have thought of right off. There’s also room for such advanced, exotic positions and techniques like… well just look at the screen shots. And so on. So, if you’ve a burning desire to get a few chuckles and possibly learn a thing or two while a bunch of white people with funny accents strip and boff and slap and tickle and smile in front of a camera, here’s your film. Why not give it a go? Remember, sex is supposed to be fun. (That’s one of the bits of advice proffered by a narrator. Honest.)

1970s, sex education, Sandy Gore, Michael Cole, Robyn Bartly, Brigitta Almsron, Group Sex, orgasm
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