Directed by: Luiz Castellini
Stars:  Patrícia Scalvi, Roberto Miranda, Lia Farrel
Language: Portuguese |  Subtitles:  English
Country:  Brazil

Also known as:   A Reencarnação do Sexo

Description: Two lovers separated by the girl's father, a farmer, who did not accept the courtship of his daughter with a modest pawn. With the death of her beloved, the young depressive girl dies and their souls begin to torment those who will live in that house.

While I accept that I have spent far too much of my life trawling through the celluloid ordure of cinema's more bloody and ruinous underbelly; and, no doubt, this has had a terribly deleterious effect on my objectivity; yet I continue to do so in the fervent hope that I will sometimes unearth genre cinema of a truly exceptional nature; and this truly off-the-wall Brazilian horror is festooned with a glorious profundity of libidinous activity and unbound, wanton devilry! It is all quite, quite bonkers; and, frankly, all the better for it, naturally! Do to the film's uninhibited strangeness, wild, unfettered axe-swinging and equally libidinous flesh-swinging I'm genuinely surprised 'A Reencarnacaao do Sexo (aka) Mortal Possession: The reincarnation of sex' hasn't yet found a greater audience among those rabid few who crave an extra portion of gratuitous lewdness with their Grindhouse fare.

Lesbian Group Sex
1980s, vibrator, dildo, masturbation, lesbian, necrophilia, nymphomaniac, orgy
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