Country: USA
Language: English
Director: Alex de Renzy

Description: A look at the sex trade throughout western Europe in the wake of the sexual revolution, INNOCENTS ABROAD allows deRenzy’s camera to investigate live sex shows, prostitution, and more, while contrasting the Europe of old with the progressive attitudes of the early 70s.

This documentary on the sex trade and loosening moral climate of Western Europe in the early 1970's covers everything from prostitution to live sex shows to striptease acts in engrossingly explicit detail. The globe-trotting locations add a distinctly tangy exotic flavor while the lively narration rattles off all kinds of nifty facts on increasingly lax laws pertaining to public displays of carnal activities and cracks all kinds of silly groan-inducing jokes throughout.

The great footage of seamy red light districts that are featured all over Europe include scuzzy sex shops, seedy nightclubs (the dimly lit live sex shows enacted on the stages of these places are extremely raunchy in the best way possible), and sleazy porn theaters. The funky-throbbing soundtrack hits the get-down groovy spot.

Shot in a rough'n'ready verite fashion by noted adult filmmaker Alex de Renzy, this pleasingly sordid time capsule of a long bygone era of radical libertine permissiveness packs quite a sizzling punch.

1970s, Alex de Renzy, documentary, lesbian, masturbation, prostitution, prostitute, stripper, sex show
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